About us

About us… Who we are.,,,

This website is designed  by Mr.Santosh . I am web designer, SEO professional. I am graduate form Mumbai university.  I am an Indian. I stay in Mumbai. I love surfing on internet. I am very much active on social media. My favorite social networking sites are Facebook , whatsapp & twitter.

My intention to run this website is to make a online collection of the my favorite JokesQuotesPolls and other funny stuffs at one place.I have collected all the data from various sources and updated my favorite stuffs on my website so rest of the peoples also come to website and enjoy .

My life Mantras are :

  • I am more powerful than my pain. I acknowledge that I have the strength to defeat my challenges.
  • I break through my barriers and leap over the hurdles in my way. Nothing is as great as my own power.
  • I am in control of my life. I reject anything that causes me harm and embrace everything that creates deep joy.
  • I make excellent decisions that lead to my ultimate good.I am in love with who I’m becoming.
  • I’ve given up trying to please others. Instead, I work to make my authentic self happy. My divine destiny is unfolding before my eyes.